Christina and Matt

I absolutely loved working with Shamica! By the time I contacted her, we had the majority of our vendors secured, so we decided to just do the month of coordination package. She contacted each of my vendors to finalize details, was in touch with the church & venue to make sure everything was set up correctly, and was always staying in constant contact with me just in case any last minute changes need to occur. By the time the big day arrived, I was able to put away my phone and just enjoy the weekend with friends and family, confidently knowing she had everything handled. Not only was she professional, but her upbeat personality combined with her calming nature made her the perfect coordinator for me. I highly recommend using Shamica & her team for your wedding!

Love is beautiful, But it's also funny in the ways it works. The day I met my wife I immediately knew she was the ONE. So Why wait, right? The challenge of that was that Shamica had a little over 90 days to coordinate a wedding for us. The fact that that we were in California and were planning a Dallas wedding didn't make her job any easier. But that didn't stop her magic.

Writing this review today, from the Groom's vantage point, nearly 2 months after our big day, I can confidently say that I couldn't have been happier with Shamica and how she delivered. Our wedding was so beautiful, an evening full of memories for our friends & family. The pics captured the magic, beauty of the day, and they do remind me everyday that Shamica & my wife played a significant part of that success.

I guess the most important metric I like to use is this. Would I recommend Shamica to my closest friends or family? That's easy. A resounding "Yes" is my answer. Absolutely!


Jim and Miriam 

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