When you walk through your venue before guests arrive, you don’t know where to look. Excitement washes over you as your eyes dart from the remarkable table design and centerpieces to the display tables. Your ears pick up the moving sounds of the band warming up and you can feel yourself start to sway.

The schedule flows seamlessly as planned and you and your guests spend the event laughing, eating, dancing, and telling stories about days gone by. As the event ends, you’re exhausted from all of the fun, but you end the night like every other guest, because you have reliable hands helping wrap everything up.

Whether you’re looking for branded corporate meetings; goal-driven fundraisers; milestone birthday parties and retirement parties; meaningful bridal showers, engagement parties, or baby showers; ribbon-cutting business launches, book launches, and more, we partner with you.

We offer social and corporate event planning so your everyday schedule is not disrupted with event preparations.

Allow The Pink Tuxedos Event Planning and Design to bring your brand message to your attendees

You might have stacks of papers on your desk and a calendar full of meetings. Your days might be full of housework, errand running, and toddler wrangling. You don’t have to spend valuable time researching venue after venue, planning a menu, picking out decor, and inviting guests.  

With your full schedule and the planning of an upcoming event looming over you, you realize need someone to help so you pick up the phone and call us. We listen intently about the details, the vision, and the heart behind your celebration. You’re starting to breathe easier just getting out all that needs to happen, and we’re getting really excited.

While we work diligently to secure entertainment that perfectly matches your event needs, you carry on with life as usual - no extra to-do items on your list or lost hours of sleep from this event. We present you with décor ideas that create an atmosphere that mirrors your vision, so the ambiance transports you and your guests from the moment you walk into the venue.

Dallas Event Planners that Create Well-Organized Corporate and Social Events that are Everything But Ordinary


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