We create weddings that feel couture because they designed for you.

We’ve worked with hundreds of brides who were exactly where you are. We understand, and we truly want to help, because we believe everyone should have the wedding of their dreams. We’re also the true definition of hopeless romantics. But, let’s face it –there’s nothing romantic about being knee deep in details.

You Are In Creative Control. 
But You Desire to Plan Less and Live more.

I want so many things for my wedding…. but I'm not sure how to make them all happen.

Let us help you make your dreams come true.

I’ve been to THAT wedding where all the bridesmaids are making bouquets an hour before the wedding, the cocktail party is 45 minutes behind, and they never cut the cake. I'm determined that won’t be my wedding. 

Deep down, I don’t want to be so busy planning a wedding that I can’t enjoy quality time with my fiancé during our engagement. 

I'm still trying to figure out if I can get away with a month-of wedding coordinator or if I need a full service planner’s help from start to finish. 

My schedule is busy and I'm just not sure I can devote the time it takes to make the complete experience I've dreamed up happen. 

I love a well-planned and well-executed party andI'm not 100% certain that I can trust a wedding planner to make it happen exactly how I want it. 

I am really concerned about the overall experience of my wedding. I want the food, band, and décor to be just right, and I want my guests to be comfortable, so they can enjoy it. 

Being newly engaged, you’ve started to realize just how much work it takes to plan a wedding, especially in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

You’ve already visited the Planning 101 tab on any given wedding websites (or you’re about to)! Those lists are long, aren’t they?

You also might have one, or more, of these thoughts swirling around in your mind:

Not Sure If You Need a Wedding Planner?