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You're either newly engaged or have been engaged for a while and you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed with planning your wedding. You're uncertain how much planning help you might need so you begin your journey to find the perfect wedding planning partner. 

From our first conversation, we pick up the phone or chat via Skype, and we listen to your desires, concerns, and learn everything there is to know about your love story. We share with you how we can help create space in your engagement journey for more bliss and ensure you’re calm and confident on your wedding day.

We share a mutual trust, respect, and adoration. We become partners on your wedding planning adventure and commit to doing everything possible to make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

We help you streamline your budget, select your venue and hire the perfect vendors for your event. We then walk you through your design and create a magnificent wedding. You experience a lightness you haven’t felt since before you said “Yes!”. When you work with Shamica you’re kept up-to-speed with our sleek online planning portal.

In the days leading up to your wedding weekend, you enjoy your rehearsal dinner with your family and friends without a concern in the world. When your wedding day arrives, you are free to sit in your robe and chat with your girls as you sip your mimosa, and be pampered while we do all the heavy lifting. We are on site from the arrival of the first vendor to set up as we prepare for the host of your friends and family.

Your guests arrive and are welcomed with big smiles and lots of love and hospitality. You float down the aisle completely caught up looking into the eyes of your beloved,  meeting at the altar you share your first kiss with presence and passion.

When you arrive at your party, you are swept up in the beauty of the details we have helped create for you. As you swing open the doors to you soiree, you don't know where to look first, is it the lighting, is it the linen, is the floral arrangements? All these things have come together in glorious harmony to create a wedding that is uniquely yours. You smile as you notice your friends and family enjoying a beautiful meal together and spend the entire night on the dance floor.

Your wedding comes to a close and you head off to begin the rest of your lives together.  You step into your honeymoon suite knowing everything will be wrapped up perfectly, because your wedding was in good hands.

We love creating remarkable moments and adding extra touches that transform your event planning journey.

Your day is everything you imagined and more. 

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Every day as you stare at the ring on your finger your mind drifts into all that you have to accomplish before your BIG day. You settle into date night at the movies with your soon-to-be, but soon you're worrying and the evening becomes a planning meeting unfortunately without the popcorn. 

The best news other than the announcement of your engagement is that we are here for YOU! Allow us to worry about what needs to be planned and when.


We'll handle every detail.

What would it feel like to enjoy life to the brim every single day of your engagement, because you have experienced help and support?


(And Planning Dream Team)

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