You walk through your venue leading up to your big day and your heart skips as your eyes fall on the centerpieces and then the soft lighting and flowing drapery. You run your hand across a linen tablecloth, wanting to pinch yourself, because everything is better than you imagined.

Your legs shake a little as you lift your right foot and then your left foot into your wedding day attire. The only nerves you’re feeling are the jitters about walking down the aisle before hundreds of guests. Your photographer is snapping stunning candid photos, your band is set up, and everything is running on time.

You raise the roof as you’re introduced for the first time at your reception, and you can’t help but smile about how much fun your guests are already having. Your friends and family members are dancing right along with you - having the time of their lives - as your night seamlessly moves from one unforgettable moment to the next.

You were bursting at the seams to start planning, so you’ve booked your venue, caterer, and other vendors who swept you off of your feet. But, now you’re starting to panic, so you dial our number, hoping we can handcraft a plan just for you.

You have us at hello with your very specific vision and boundless excitement. When we present you with a custom proposal based on your unique needs and timeline, you feel the weight of the world lifted off of your shoulders and a lightness you haven’t felt in months.

You spend the rest of your engagement with your hands intertwined with your fiancé. Your family wonders how you can be so at ease and your girlfriends are so glad to have their bestie back to her normal self. The moment a question or concern enters your mind, you call us and you’re reassured.

Partial Event Planning Services
"The Black Tie" Package