As a bride, your makeup is done, your hair is flawless, and your closest friends are cinching you into your gown. Your groom is relaxed and in his zone thanks to an easy morning with friends and a fun game of basketball or a quick sweat session at the gym. He steps into his suit completely at ease and ready to pledge his forever to you.Without needing to see it for yourself, you’re at ease because you know that your entertainment and wedding professionals are set up, dinner is being prepared, and guests are being cared for. An attendant has just delivered a letter and gift to you from your soon-to-be and all you can do is smile from ear to ear.

You walk down the aisle, eyes fixed on your future, thinking of only the life ahead of you. You spend the evening laughing, dancing, enjoying your delicious menu, and drinking champagne. Everyone is present, because the only job those closet to you have is to remain closet to you.

Your racing mind slows and your busy schedule becomes more manageable when we welcome you into “The White Tie” family. Pause to daydream for a moment about the extra space you’ve just created on your engagement journey by hiring the help you need from start to finish. Allow the joy of more date nights, unrushed shopping trips, or mini weekend getaways to sink in as we take the heavy lifting off of your shoulders and support you from the day you hire us. Go back to the days of getting more work done at work, because you’re not frantically trying to plan in between tasks or on your lunch break.

Put your calculator and spreadsheets away while we manage your expenditures and ensure every dream and desire is crossed off. Sit with us and sip a latte as we discuss your creative vision and truly get to know you, so we can plan and style a beautiful wedding. 

Listen to the confidence in our voices as we step into your venue reveal and say, “after you!” Your eyes dance from ambient lighting to delicate drapery to lush floral centerpieces and vibrant linens. As you walk through, you can’t wait until the moment you’re here in your dress and dancing your first dance.

Full Service Event Planning
"The White Tie" Package